Corporate Training / Skill Sets

BSBSS00033 – Aspiring Supervisor Skill Set        

BSBSS00035 – Copyright Skill Set

BSBSS00049 – Small Business Contracting Skill Set

BSBSS00053 – Small Business Intellectual Property Skill Set       

BSBSS00057 – Trade Mark Skill Set        

BSBSS00058 – Workforce Development Implementation Skill Set          

BSBSS00060 – Energy Efficiency in Business Skill Set

BSBSS00061 – Cloud Computing and Digital Skills for Business Skill Set

BSBSS00064 – Promoting Diversity Awareness in the Workplace Skill Set

BSBSS00068 – Service Management Skill Set

BSBSS00081 – Public Relations Skill Set

BSBSS00084 – Strategic Marketing Skill Set

BSBSS00089 – Workplace Innovation Skill Set

CHCSS00070 – Assist Clients with Medication Skill Set

CHCSS00074 – Child Protection

CHCSS00077 – Financial Literacy Education

CHCSS00079 – Homelessness Support Work

CHCSS00080 – Induction to Leisure and Health

CHCSS00081 – Induction to Disability

CHCSS00095 – Dementia Support – Service Delivery Skill Set

CHCSS00097 – Individual Support – Ageing Skill Set        

CHCSS00098 – Individual Support – Disability Skill Set

CHCSS00099 – Individual Support – Home and Community (Ageing) 

CHCSS00100 – Individual Support – Home and Community (Disability) Skill Set

CHCSS00105 – Palliative Approach Skill Set        

CHCSS00107 – Carer Support Skill Set

CHCSS00108 – Career Development Skill Set

CHCSS00109 – Employment Services Skilll Set

CHCSS00110 – Mediation Skill Set

CHCSS00111 – Problem Gambling Skill Set         

CHCSS00112 – Suicide Bereavement Support Skill Set

CHCSS00113 – Crisis Support Skill Set

FNSSS00004 – BAS Agent Registration Skill Set

FNSSS00012 – Payroll Administrator Skill Set

FNSSS00014 – Accounting Principles Skill Set

ICTSS00031 – Application Development Specialist Skill Set

ICTSS00036 – Certified Network Associate Technology Specialist Skill Set

ICTSS00040 – Certified Security and Architect Specialist Skill Set

ICTSS00041 – Certified Technician or Technology Specialist

ICTSS00050 – Rich Interactive Content Specialist Skill Set

ICTSS00053 – Virtualisation Specialist Skill Set

ICTSS00054 – Visual Communications Specialist Skill Set

ICTSS00057 – Enterprise Server Virtualisation Specialist Skill Set

SITSS00058 – Environmentally Sustainable Hospitality and Restaurant Operations          

SITSS00062 – Online Engagement for Small Business    

TAESS00008 – Enterprise Trainer – Mentoring Skill Set

TAESS00013 – Enterprise Trainer – Mentoring Skill Set

TAESS00014 – Enterprise Trainer-Presenting Skill Set

TAESS00017 – Workplace Supervisor Skill Set